So I splurged a bit and bought a Canon 70D (and a few accessories), this after having already dished out for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I thought long and hard about my decision because money is considerably tight at the moment. I went back and forth between the Canon G7X Mark II point and shoot and the Canon 70D, but in the end I decided that the S7 Edge which I already owned was essentially as good or better than the point and shoot. Long story short I opted for a refurbished Canon 70D and so far I’ve been thrilled with my decision both in terms of quality/versatility and in cost savings.

The picture quality and ease of use of the 70D has been phenomenal so far, considering of course that I’m a beginner photographer/filmmaker and know very little of other cameras. Here is one of the better shots I’ve taken so far with zero education and no solid experience.


Not too shabby, eh? Okay, moving on. My plan is to begin learning how to film/edit videos so I can create some of my own and upload them onto YouTube. Once I get enough videos up and I start seeing some traffic I want to redirect as much of that traffic as possible to MyIdeaPark. With any luck, I’ll be able to support myself via the earnings produced from ad services and the like.

At the end of the day I just want to be creative and embrace art in all forms as often as possible!