Introducing The MyIdeaPark ‘Equipment + Gear’ Reviews And Recommendations Series

Hello, world, today I’m introducing the MyIdeaPark ‘Gear + Equipment’ reviews and recommendations series! Here you’ll find information about all of the products that I’ve been using. The things that I’ve bought and put to the test, as well as some things I just desperately want. Don’t worry, though, I’ll only recommend products that I strongly believe in and stand behind. I take great pride in my suggestions.

Today’s post is a simple one, short and sweet. Just a little something to wet our whistles (pun intended, you’ll see). There’s a product I’ve been using every day, and I’d bet you could probably get some use out of it, too.

If you like coffee, especially espresso, then I strongly (pun city, today) encourage you to snag a Moka pot. I bought mine on Amazon, The Original Bialetti Moka Express (Made In Italy). If you’re just making coffee for yourself, then the 3-cup will do just fine.

Originally my brother and his wife gave me a Moka pot as a gift, the 9-cup. It was something I had been wanting but hadn’t bought for myself yet. I had assumed that I could use the bigger pot for servings up to 9-cups and anything in between. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. When you use a Moka pot, you have to fill it to the very top both with coffee grounds and hot water in order for it to work properly.

So, I ended up buying the 3-cup and the 6-cup versions as well. I use the 3-cup whenever I’m drinking coffee all by my lonesome, which is most days (sad face). Whenever one or two of my friends want to join me, though, I just whip out the 6-cup or the 9-cup, respectively.

Really, you only need one Moka pot, and if you only buy one, I’d recommend the 3-cup. Unless, of course, you drink your coffee with that special someone every day. In which case, I’d opt for the 6-cup Moka pot instead.

I plan on writing another post (I might even include a video) related to actually using a Moka pot. It can be a bit finicky, but when you get it nailed down, it’s so easy and tastes so good!

Using a Moka pot already? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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