Organizing can sound daunting. You might even feel overwhelmed by the very thought of it. There’s a good chance (especially if you’re reading this) that you even have a habit of procrastinating or worse still, you make excuses for why you haven’t done it, or can’t do it, yet. Getting organized doesn’t have to be an emotional armageddon, though. With the right know-how, a positive attitude, and a little persistence, you could be organized in no time!

First, you’ll have to let go of any beliefs that you may hold which elude to not having enough time or energy to get the job done. I’m willing to bet that I can show you how to tidy up without adding a ton of extra stress, or unnecessary pain, to your life.

Of course, you definitely don’t want to try and tackle everything all at once, or even in one day, that’s a surefire way to lose interest fast. Instead, make a commitment to start developing good habits so that you can slowly gain traction in getting your world organized. I’ve got a few helpful tips to get you started in the right direction towards your own path of clarity.

  • Start with something simple, like all of those wires (power cords, phone cables, coax, ethernet, etc.) you’ve got tangled everywhere. Use something to tie them up all ‘nice and neat-like’ with. Personally, I dig the velcro straps, but twist ties get the job done just the same.
  • Focus on completing item#1 (whatever it is you chose) entirely and only then move on to a new task, gradually increasing the difficulty of each task as you go.
  • Batch similar items. This one is super powerful. If you simply combine like items, you’ll find a great deal of clarity with regards to getting organized. Batch clothes with clothes, cookware with cookware, bath goods with bath goods, you get the idea. It makes so much sense, but typically, it’s the first thing that’s overlooked.
  • Once you’ve batched some similar items together, another good idea is to place them in boxes or some other type of container. This will provide you with a temporary, or permanent, organizational strategy while at the same time allowing for the items to be accessed quite easily.
  • If ever you feel like you’ve hit a wall, knockout something simple, like cleaning the dishes or washing laundry. These types of tasks don’t require much thought. Upon completion, not only did you finish something that needed to be done anyways, but they boost your morale and help you to find the resolve needed to tackle more substantial projects.
  • Once any particular thing becomes organized, be mindful to keep it that way. It’s a lot easier to clean things up as you go, than once they’ve piled up and compounded. Be vigilant about maintaining what’s already organized.

Don’t worry, you’ll get there! I know this isn’t exactly rocket science, but I hope you found some of these tips helpful. Getting organized can be fun and the payoff is astronomical, I promise! There are so many other great techniques that I’ve used to get organized over the years. Perhaps I’ll decide to share some in a bit more detail in the near future.

Until then, thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think of the tips in the comments below or drop me a line, see you next time!