It’s been well over two months since I last published a progress report for MyIdeaPark. While I apologize for the delay, I’m excited to say that I haven’t just been sitting around playing Rocket League or watching The Walking Dead.

The last couple of months has been wonderfully busy. Not only did we make it through the holidays and finish moving into our new place, but I’ve made tons of progress on the website and finally started to feel like there’s some direction with regards to the content. I know that I haven’t posted a plethora of new material on here just yet, but bear with me, it’s coming.

Also, many thanks again for the continued support, I’ve been having a blast!

Current MyIdeaPark Initiatives

  • More great content is on the way! Okay, I know that I literally just said that I haven’t published as much material as I would have liked yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with my progress. On the contrary, I’ve written a ‘Free Thoughts’ post every day for the past month, posted a few inspirational quotes, recapped a bit of television, showcased a movie trailer, snapped some great pics, knocked out another DIY project and more!
  • Emails, emails, emails!! I sent out the first ever ‘MyIdeaPark News + Updates!!’ email newsletter on December 19, 2016, with the promise that it would be a bi-monthly occurrence. Obviously, that hasn’t been the case so I sincerely apologize for dropping the ball. I promise, though, that’s about to change 🙂
  • I’ve been working on optimizing the website in every way possible. From the images I’ve uploaded to the videos you see, everything has been added in such a way so as to expedite the page load time. Furthermore, I’ll be switching MyIdeaPark from a shared hosting account to a virtual private server (VPS) this month. Once this transition is complete, the website will be smokin’ fast!
  • Cross browser visibility is still very high on my list of technical priorities. I’ve discovered some useful tools and resources, but I’m still very new to the concepts of cross browser testing. Every week I’m getting closer and closer to grasping the principles so that I can ensure that the site looks great no matter what device or operating system you might be using.
  • The design, layout, and aesthetics of the website are constantly changing. I’ve reached out to some family and close friends, asking them for their opinions and feedback, but most were too nice to give me any criticism (thanks, everyone, I love you ALL so much!!). I did get a few useful responses, though, and look forward to any else’s constructive input.
  • Social media has also been something of a chore these last few weeks. As I gear up to start actually marketing the website, sites like Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., will all be essential in order for me to get the site’s name out there. I’ve spent hours creating new profiles, managing contacts and adding content all in the name of exposure. Hopefully, the efforts I’ve made these past few weeks will pay off in the way of website traffic in the weeks to come.

I’m super excited about the future of the website and I’m stoked that I get to work on such fun projects every day. The list of great content ideas continues to grow and I can’t wait to get it all out there. My enthusiasm for the direction that MyIdeaPark is headed in is out of control. I’ve been working diligently to accomplish as much as I can, as fast as I can, so that I can produce the best stuff that I’m capable of. I finally feel like there’s not enough time in the day again.

Thanks again so very much for the support, it really does mean the world to me! I hope that some portion of the material I’ve produced or plan on creating gives you something you need or even just a little bit of joy.

Great stuff ahead. I’ll talk to you soon!