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The Voice

There’s a voice within all of us begging to be heard.

It calls and calls, but if we fail to answer, it seems to leave us.

Hear that voice now, and act on it.

That voice is your gift!

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Like Gravity

Slipping is like gravity, it's both inevitable and it pulls us down. The only solution is to pick ourselves up.

Gravity might pull us down, but it’s also what keeps us grounded.

Slipping does the same, it just hurts our egos in the process.

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Plant Seeds

If it doesn’t grow, then you don’t eat. The same is true for your work and endeavors.

Plant seeds, then, if you want to grow. Plant them in your work, in your relationships, in your hobbies, and in your passions.

Then keep watering them until it’s time to harvest.

Eventually, you’re going to eat well.

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Be Determined

To start, to finish, to persevere, to get back up, to hustle, to visualize, to take action, and to win.

Be determined to be the person that you believe yourself to be. To always keep fighting and to be grateful in the process.

If you want to overcome life’s obstacles, get hungry, and stay determined.

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Do What You’re Told

Unless you want to live an extraordinary life or feel the need to be yourself.

Doing what you’re told usually means living out someone else’s dream.

Use good judgment, of course, but never forget who you are.

Do what’s right, not what you’re told.

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Be Grateful

For what you’ve had. For what you have. For what you’re going to have.

You have to appreciate your life! Otherwise, you can’t move forward. You can’t grow.

It really is that simple.

Be grateful. Grow.

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Faith, Hope, And Miracles

Miracles happen every day.

To the good, to the bad, and to the in between; miracles know no heritage or crest.

Of course, I wouldn’t suggest waiting for a miracle; keep the faith, though, and stay hopeful.

Faith and hope move mountains; they spark miracles.

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Not tomorrow, not next week, not a month or a year from now, but today.

If what you’re doing matters to you, then why are you waiting to take the first step?

Today is happening right now. Tomorrow is never promised, and yesterday is already gone.

What are you waiting for?

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Good Habits

Wake up. Check. Express gratitude. Check. Get Dressed. Check. Eat a healthy breakfast. Check. Crush goals. Check.

It’s not quite this simple, I know. Aspiring towards good habits and your perfect routine, though, is a recipe for success.

Change things slowly until they’re just right. Pick something. Change it. Then pick something else.


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The Eureka Effect

Good ideas come like a flash. Don’t hesitate, if you feel like there’s potential, chances are there probably is.

Too often we overanalyze our thoughts, opting instead to rationalize (strictly for ourselves) why the thought has no merit. Why it just won’t work. Why it can’t be done.

What if it can, though? What if this thought is the next big idea? What if it can change the world?

Then, would you do it?

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