It’s been another eventful month for MyIdeaPark. I’ve started gaining traction in a few important areas. Most notably, I’ve begun promoting the website on social media. I’ll break down my progress right now in the April 2017 MyIdeaPark News + Updates!!

After a long wait, I finally started promoting MyIdeaPark on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. YouTube is on the docket as well, but it’s not really a focal point until I get some more videos out. Granted I probably should have done this a little while ago, but better late than never. I’ve already seen a huge increase in traffic because of the push, whoop!

MyHealth has also been on the rise recently. I’ve been completing and logging my workouts and maintaining accountability. I now feel more energetic, alert, and focused because of the increase in physical activity. My diet is also slowly getting reeled back in, one small meal and good decision at a time.

MyIdeaPark Progress + Initiatives

  • Content is and always will be the number one priority for MyIdeaPark. I’m finally spending more time on content and less on technical nonsense.
  • I’ve done a better job at keeping up with emails this month. It’s also getting easier to do since I’ve been more focused on content. Whenever the content is there, the email is easy to write.
  • MyIdeaPark was finally migrated from a shared hosting account to a virtual private server (VPS). After making the move, however, a noticeable change in speed couldn’t be found. The potential for extremely fast page speed is there, but I think that you need to be a little more technically savvy in the server configuration department than I currently am in order to reap the benefits of a (VPS). Point being, perhaps I was mistaken when I suggested a (VPS) as an optimal server provider. Especially for those using WordPress. More on this in future ‘Website Building’ posts.

I keep changing the logos, banners, cover pages, etc. across all the different platforms (even the website itself). I just can’t make up my mind which ones I like. My guess is that this trend will continue for a few more months until I finally land on something I like. Hopefully, though, I figure it out sooner rather than later,

I’m still very interested in any and all of your opinions regarding the site. Each time someone brings a new issue to my attention, it gives me an opportunity to make MyIdeaPark just a little better. That’s the whole point, too, isn’t it? To learn, build and grow.

More great content is in the works and on the way! I’m also making strides to resolve any technical issues that users may be experiencing so please let me know if anything comes up. I appreciate the feedback.

As always, thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!!

April 2017 MyIdeaPark News + Updates!!

April 2017 MyIdeaPark News + Updates!!