I was supposed to meet up with a buddy of mine over in the Montrose area this morning. He just moved to that side of town so I wanted to stop by and check out his new place. As it turns out he got tied up so we never met. It was another beautiful day outside, too, and by the time that I found out that my friend couldn’t meet I had already made my way over to Montrose and was just finishing eating breakfast.

Luckily, I had brought my DSLR camera with me, and the weather was nice. After I ate, then, I decided to take a stroll down the street to snap some pics. Montrose has a ton of great wall art, and cool, eclectic shopping. I wanted to capture a few good photos and anything else I might find.

I’ve been getting some good practice lately. Not only has it been helping me to understand photography better, but learning about still images (both in terms of shooting and editing) is also helping me to grasp some videography concepts. There’s definitely a sense of pride that comes from perfecting your craft(s). I’m certainly enjoying getting better at this one.

Let me know what you think about the new pictures in the comments below. Are they better than, the same as, or worse than the last ones?

Thanks for stopping by, more to come!