Today, I’m introducing a new series titled ‘Shedding Light’ this week featuring kid genius Max Loughan. ‘Shedding Light’ is basically a posts series where I can acknowledge the amazing works people are carrying out every single day. It’s a stage where I will highlight their accomplishments, especially those who might not be adequately covered by the mainstream media.

There’s a 14-year-old kid out there doing everything he can to change the world for the better. His initiative is something to behold, especially considering his age. Max Loughan marches to the beat of his own drum, and thankfully so, the world needs more kids just like him.

Regardless of how you feel about the technical accuracies of his work, Max is quite the remarkable young man. He works tirelessly in his makeshift laboratory which he converted from his home’s boiler room. His latest ‘invention’, an energy harvesting device, got him a spot on the local news, check it out.

Pretty amazing, right? Here’s the link to the official news story. He might not have actually discovered ‘free energy’, but he’s well on his way to changing the world. I commend his efforts and look forward to witnessing his future achievements.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped encouraging our children to thirst for knowledge and a sense of self. Instead, we’ve predominantly taught them how to become exceptional athletes, beautiful people, or just money-hungry go-getters.

What about individual wants and needs, though? It’s time that we not only empower our kids but actually listen to them as well. Ask them what they want from life, what they need. Then we must show them that a desire to learn, no matter what it is that they want to learn, is a noble desire. One where great and infinite treasures lie.

Max doesn’t seem to be struggling in the learning department. Instead, he’s flourishing. He just loves to learn. Here’s another video of him speaking at the 2016 Nexus Global Youth Summit.

He’s an exceptional kid, to say the least, very inspirational. If you liked these videos, check out his TEDxYouth talk.

I’m super interested to see where Max takes his work. He’s ahead of the curve, his business ‘Loughan Labs, LLC‘ can already be found on facebook.

Max’s parents must be proud, they seem to be doing a great job with this one! Hopefully, his efforts will spark even more interest among young people everywhere to continue learning and growing in the areas that interest them.

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