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Be Grateful

For what you’ve had. For what you have. For what you’re going to have.

You have to appreciate your life! Otherwise, you can’t move forward. You can’t grow.

It really is that simple.

Be grateful. Grow.

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Faith, Hope, And Miracles

Miracles happen every day.

To the good, to the bad, and to the in between; miracles know no heritage or crest.

Of course, I wouldn’t suggest waiting for a miracle; keep the faith, though, and stay hopeful.

Faith and hope move mountains; they spark miracles.

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Not tomorrow, not next week, not a month or a year from now, but today.

If what you’re doing matters to you, then why are you waiting to take the first step?

Today is happening right now. Tomorrow is never promised, and yesterday is already gone.

What are you waiting for?

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Good Habits

Wake up. Check. Express gratitude. Check. Get Dressed. Check. Eat a healthy breakfast. Check. Crush goals. Check.

It’s not quite this simple, I know. Aspiring towards good habits and your perfect routine, though, is a recipe for success.

Change things slowly until they’re just right. Pick something. Change it. Then pick something else.


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The Eureka Effect

Good ideas come like a flash. Don’t hesitate, if you feel like there’s potential, chances are there probably is.

Too often we overanalyze our thoughts, opting instead to rationalize (strictly for ourselves) why the thought has no merit. Why it just won’t work. Why it can’t be done.

What if it can, though? What if this thought is the next big idea? What if it can change the world?

Then, would you do it?

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Life isn’t always about being on the move, nor is it about remaining still the entire time, it’s stop-and-go. Ebb and flow.

Act when you must act, but take heed to observe when the need arises. Action for the sake of action becomes a distraction.

Stop occasionally to reassess your goals and your agenda, then go finish what you started.

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You could choose to build a bridge, or to tear one down; to lend a hand, or to allow others to suffer; to be a blessing, or to be a curse; to heal, or to hurt; to love, or to hate. The choice is yours to make.

Be a healer. In your words; in your thoughts; in your actions; in your mind; in your heart; be a healer.

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Staying Alive

The easiest thing that you could do is quit, and if you quit, you die; the objective is staying alive.

Find it within yourself to keep fighting. Dig deep. Deeper than you’ve ever dug before. Then, finish this thing, this mission, this goal, this ambition, this desire, this dream.

Your victory is waiting for you, all you have to do is stay alive.

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Lift Your Head Up

Optimists don’t just think optimistically, they act optimistic, as well. Despite what life throws at them, they keep their heads up, never solely relying on good fortune to bring them happiness.

Rest is one thing, to be sure, but feeling down on yourself, or on your situation, is something else. Don’t waste an enormous amount of time feeling sorry about present circumstances. You’re working towards something better, after all.

Master your inner dialogue. Lift your head up. Then, keep it up, and keep moving forward.

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Serendipitous Encounters

Don’t expect to experience many serendipitous encounters if you do not also plan to take initiative towards your dreams and ambitions.

Serendipity, although spontaneous in nature, is triggered by action. It’s possible only through the joined efforts of multiple parties.

Sure, doing nothing could create a bit of serendipity, but is it the kind you want? Something happening to you, instead of because of you.

Create your own serendipity. Go out and build something.

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The Squeaky Wheel

Make some noise, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If your needs are not made to be known by those who can fulfill them, then nobody ever will.

Occasionally, you may decide to deter yourself from causing a ruckus. In the end, however, all you’ll do is prevent yourself from achieving your life’s ‘magnum opus’.

It might take repeating, but people will help if they know you need it.

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Life’s Majesty

Beauty and elegance surround us, integral blessings to life’s majesty.

Objectives, deadlines, ones and zeroes; often, they deflect our attention from basking in life’s majesty.

There’s power in observation. In seeing, feeling, thinking, and growing.

Take time to enjoy life’s majesty, you deserve it.

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Rest And Relaxation

It’s not that difficult to get amped about the art of the hustle, especially when you’re a hustler. What about that other necessity, though? You know, rest and relaxation.

People who tend to work hard (I’m looking at you) are also inclined to forget how important it is to take a break. To stop and smell the roses. They forget the benefits of momentary relief.

Turn your phone off. Unplug your computer. Leave the office. Take a moment for yourself to recharge, otherwise you’ll drain your batteries. You’ll burnout.

Rest and relaxation are the energy sources you’ll need to consume if you intend to power back up.

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Spread Too Thin

Anyone who’s ever accomplished anything of substantial magnitude will tell you that, at one time or another, they’ve felt spread too thin. Overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. Working through chaos.

It’s inevitable. Eventually, you’re going to get scattered, too. You’ll feel the stress of a growing list of things to do. You’ll feel crushed, defeated, and overcome.

As soon as you notice these feelings, move past them. The discomfort will dissipate, but only insomuch as you decide to let it.

It’s normal to get scattered. The key is to remember to concentrate.

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The Hustle

All day, every day, the hustle just doesn’t quit. It’s fierce, formidable and hungry. The hustle will punch you right in the face and laugh about it.

It’ll also propel you, though. Feed you. Empower you and give you the resolve you need to finish the job. The hustle doesn’t judge, it sees only effort.

Hustle hard, then, you owe yourself that much. You have a right to the possibilities and you deserve a chance. Effort will give you that.

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