East Downtown Houston Murals And Street Art Photography Part I

I love my city! Houston is vibrant and diverse. East downtown embodies this philosophy wholly as is evident by the numerous murals sprinkled throughout the area. These are some beautiful pieces of work. I wish I was half as talented as some of these folks, but I take great pleasure in documenting their works. [...]

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A Few Shots From Downtown Houston Near Main Street

I haven't posted any of the pictures I've shot recently. Hopefully, I'll find more time to get them online, but in the meantime here are a few shots from downtown Houston near Main Street. I love the ones with the 'bubble' characters. That's painting right outside of the Lawndale Art Center. [...]

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Another Beautiful Day Practicing Photography Around The Montrose Area

I was supposed to meet up with a buddy of mine over in the Montrose area this morning. He just moved to that side of town so I wanted to stop by and check out his new place. As it turns out he got tied up so we never met. It was another beautiful day outside, too, and by the time that I found out that my friend couldn't meet I had [...]

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Shot A Few Pics Over In The Heights Today: These Are My Favorites

Tarynbeth and I decided to get out of the house for a bit today, so we drove over to The Heights and shot a few pics. I'm pretty happy about it, too. I've been meaning to get a little more photography practice in and I desperately need some new images for the website. We ended up shooting some pretty cool graffiti art, which seems [...]

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Sunglasses Holder DIY – Hang Up Those Shades!!

This sunglasses holder DIY video should've been posted a while ago, but I've been increasingly distracted! If you've got way too many shades lying around (like I did), then this is the perfect solution, and it looks great. You don't need much to finish this project, just some old picture frames and something to use as a brace to h [...]

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DIY Concrete Planter

This week I made an awesome and easy concrete planter for a succulent I just got! All you need is a little concrete mix, some water, a couple molds, a bit of cooking spray, a small piece of fine-grit sandpaper and a can of glossy concrete sealer. Check out the video below for exactly how I did it. I actually preferred to w [...]

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DIY Overhead Shooting Rig: Part II (Lighting)

I've been so amped and motivated this week working on all things MyIdeaPark! In the past few days I've recorded/edited video, snapped/edited photographs, designed/built on the website and most importantly learned anything and everything I could so that I can maximize my potential and success. Today's blog is Part II of the DIY Ove [...]

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DIY Overhead Shooting Rig: Part I (Structure)

Ten days since my last blog post hardly seems timely, but ten days is better than eleven. Is it ironic that my previous post was about inaction and procrastination? Of course not, these items are the main focus (battle) of the war I am currently fighting with myself. Either I keep pushing to achieve and grow or I become dishearten [...]

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Comicpalooza 2016: Houston, TX

This video is a bit overdue, but considering I've been working on several projects at once and that each encompasses skills that I am either unfamiliar with or rusty at, I feel like it's not too bad timing-wise. Either way, I had fun putting it together even though the perfectionist in me wasn't thrilled with the end result. I'm h [...]

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