It’s easy to do nothing. Doing nothing is the path of least resistance, it’s the ground wire we all have a tendency to move through when life gets hard. Lately I’ve felt overwhelmed, defeated, depressed, hopeless and a multitude of other cynical emotions. Six months back I quit my job which in turn meant relinquishing the security that comes with a descent and reliable income. Then a little over a month ago life knocked me down and has relentlessly beaten me ever since. I know that this will pass, things always pass, situations and people come and go, but this has definitely been the most intense and soul-crushing experience that I have ever had the displeasure to endure. All this vague dialect to say that I still have a plan for myself and for my life.

MyIdeaPark is just that, it’s an idea, one that I want to spread like wildfire because I know that there is magic in thought and even more so in collaboration. I’ve spent the last six months of my life living a mediocre existence and producing almost nothing despite my ongoing ‘To Do’ list being longer than the regulations for the Affordable Care Act. The thought of giving up has crossed my mind over and over again. I keep asking myself what I want, but most days I can barely find an answer and if I do, I’m wishy-washy about it at best, never really convinced that I’m making the right decision. Life is hard, that’s been my mantra, maybe that’s why it stays hard. Perhaps it’s up to me to decide that life isn’t going to be hard anymore, maybe then I’ll start feeling like I’m making progress again.

At the end of the day the one thing that separates the winners from the losers and the haves from the have nots is a determination to push past the valleys while avoiding the cliffs of wanting to do nothing, especially when doing nothing is all we want to do. I am far from perfect, but I have a deep desire to better myself a little everyday and while I haven’t exactly been living up to that challenge lately I know that all it takes is one decision to change course. The decision I’m making today is to do one thing, finish one task or accomplish one goal every single day so that I can narrow my focus and start feeling productive again. Once producing content is more habitual for me, I can reassess my goals and hone in on my crafts.

Procrastination is inaction in the form of action, it’s a mask. It can be cleaning dishes, organizing files or even exercising, it all depends on what your goals are. For me, I want to earn a living making videos and writing blog posts, but I spend more time worrying about when I’m going to grocery shop and making sure my apartment is tidy than I do actually realizing my dreams. What sense does that make? None! We justify procrastination by saying to ourselves that these things have to be done, they’re mandatory, but are they? If you really think about it most of the things we do from one day to the next are entirely irrelevant and waiting just a little longer to check them off our lists would not result in the end of the world as we know it. Quite the contrary, we would be able to focus on actualizing our dreams which in turn would award us more energy for tackling the day to day minutia. That means when we’re winning in the areas where we want to win, the rest of life becomes just a little easier to manage and push through.

Find your path and take action, trust your heart and strive to live your dreams. If you find yourself to be ‘too busy’ all the time to follow your heart then I guarantee you that you’re not focusing on the substance of your life. No one will ever know better than you which direction you should take and no one will ever swoop in to save you from yourself. Trust yourself and take action because you are so powerful!