Ten days since my last blog post hardly seems timely, but ten days is better than eleven. Is it ironic that my previous post was about inaction and procrastination? Of course not, these items are the main focus (battle) of the war I am currently fighting with myself. Either I keep pushing to achieve and grow or I become disheartened and stagnate, unable to act due to my own fraudulent mental limitations. The best thing that I can do for myself is to focus on the things that I can and want to act upon and then act!

Dwelling and worrying about those moments when I lose my drive and/or productivity only further hinder my overall success. I have to intensify my focus on the things that matter to me and take immediate action to move forward.

With that said, enough chitchat, today’s post is the first of possibly many in a series of DIY videos being made for MyIdeaPark. I have always had a huge interest in movies and television ergo I have recently begun educating myself in the realm of videography. It has quickly become one of my favorite pastimes/passions and I literally can not wait to see where I go with it. One of the first things that I decided I wanted to record video with was an overhead shooting rig which I opted to make myself at home. I also thought that I may as well get some practice shooting and editing hence this DIY video laying out how I built my overhead shooting rig out of 2×4’s:


Below is some additional info to help assist you with your own overhead shooting rig build and of course feel free to change dimensions, materials, design, etc. I’m definitely not a professional so I’m sure my rig still needs some fine-tuning, but for now it seems to work just fine.

Also be sure to lookout for Part II of the DIY Overhead Shooting Rig video where we’ll cover lighting as well as some additional add-on goodies!

2×4 Board Lengths:
(3) 60″
(4) 57-1/2″
(2) 52″
(4) 38-1/2″
(2) 6-1/2″
(2) 3″
(2) 3-1/2″
(2) 31-1/2″
(12) 18″ (*both ends cut at 45 degrees)

Brown craft paper
Black craft paper
White craft paper
3/4″ conduit
3/4″ conduit straps
Rubber Leg Tips for the conduit
5/8″ Impact Wall Plate
Impact 3-section articulated arm
Manfrotto camera bracket
Joby ballhead