A friend of mine (the same friend who got me onto Trello) gave me a book once, ‘The Alchemist‘. At the time I was feeling pretty hopeless about things. I was more or less successful in the stereotypical sense of the word, but I was unhappy. I was unfulfilled, and I was lost. The book she gave me happened to be a blessing. Allow me to tell you the story of how ‘The Alchemist’ changed my life.

In essence, ‘The Alchemist’ describes the tale of a young boy, Santiago, who roams far and wide in search of vast treasures. He’s bored with the status quo and seeks adventure. Throughout his journey, he certainly finds the excitement and riches that he was after. Santiago meets many new faces and encounters great difficulty during his travels, yet he learns and grows the entire way.

This fictional novel contains some of the most thought-provoking narratives I have ever read. It moved me. So much so that within just a few short months after reading this book, I quit my job. A great job, actually. It was the smartest, dumbest, bravest, and most exciting thing that I’ve ever done in my entire life. It was also worth it.

I love what I do now. Every day I wake up with a plan to do what matters to me. It’s fantastic. As such, I owe special thanks to both my friend, Mandy, and to Paulo Coelho, the author of ‘The Alchemist’. This book nudged me at just the right time in my life. It taught me to look for the omens, to listen to what the universe was trying to tell me, and to follow my heart.

Life is too short to spend it doing anything that you don’t absolutely love. Experience your dreams and ambitions. Seek out your passions. Find your gifts, and live your own personal legend!

Paulo Coelho has published a vast array of wonderful stories over the years and has received numerous awards in a multitude of categories. ‘The Alchemist’ is certainly one of my favorites!