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East Downtown Houston Murals And Street Art Photography Part I

I love my city! Houston is vibrant and diverse. East downtown embodies this philosophy wholly as is evident by the numerous murals sprinkled througho [...]

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Real Freedom

Freedom is the right to create the life that you want to live.

Freedom means experiencing the things that you want to experience.

Freedom is loving the people whom you choose to love.

Freedom is believing what you want to believe.

Freedom is thinking what you want to think.

Freedom is the power to build something into existence.

Freedom is your birthright to carve out your own path; a new path.

Real freedom is the freedom to act.

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My Current Ear Candy Addiction: Royal Blood ‘Lights Out’

The other day, I was losing steam late in the evening. In the background, Spotify was playing on shuffle. I subscribe to a 'Discovery Weekly' playlis [...]

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No Time

There’s just no time to waste.

It doesn’t matter your age, your situation, history or condition.

We all have twenty-four hours. The next twenty-four are never promised.

So make the most of it. Stop living in your past and start winning.

No time means the time is now.

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Skateboarding Legend Rodney Mullen Crushes It

Today, I needed a little boost of inspiration. Naturally, I found myself browsing through some random Vimeo clips, mostly in the animated department. [...]

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