Hey there, my name is Jason and I created MyIdeaPark when I was just a kid, maybe 3 or 4 years old. There was a small park near our house where we would sometimes go to play. My Mom would sit and watch while my brother and I would hand out in the forts and slide down the slides. Or was there only the one slide? I can’t remember. Anyways, the park wasn’t very big, so when I say ‘forts’ and ‘slides’ I’m exaggerating a bit. Eventually, I dubbed this place ‘MyIdeaPark’ because despite it’s miniature stature, it was the place where I found great power in imagination and creativity!

Our minds are so wonderful. Infinite. When we’re young we think everything is new and fun and exciting, but that’s because it is! Then we grow up, learn a few things, and have a tendency to push our dreams and genuine ambitions aside in order to satiate insatiable social expectations. In reality, true happiness in life comes from within, no matter how cliché that might sound. It’s no wonder that imagination and creativity are so important, then.

As an adult, I began to find it extremely difficult to tap into that adolescent mindset and youthful insight. The feeling that used to just come to me had now somehow eluded me. Literally, I had to search for it in order to find it. It was a tedious and disheartening chore. I created this website with the hopes that it would help me to rediscover that imagination and creativity. My goal was to follow my heart and find my life’s purpose.

In actuality, I already did that. Building this website has been magic. MyIdeaPark is everything that I like or love, and all of the things that interests me. The world is an intriguing place, I just want to discover as much as I can, while I can.

Ultimately, MyIdeaPark is nothing more than an idea. A thought inside my head.

Then an action. Followed by another thought. And so on.

MyIdeaPark is just me.


Jason A. McCrory

Founder + CEO
Imaginer + Creator